Frequently Asked Questions

When is the last day I can sign-up to protest?

You have 30 days from the day you receive your notice from the Appraisal District for a protest to be filed on the property appraisal, or May 15, whichever is later. Make sure to sign-up as soon as you receive notice, to be sure your protest is filed on time.

How do I sign-up to have Ortiz Property Tax Consulting protest my property appraisal?

Please send us an email with your information, and we can contact you to setup a call or an office meeting to discuss and sign OPTC to protest on your behalf.

How will I be charged?

Ortiz Property Tax Consulting does not charge any up-front fees like some of the other big companies.


Here is an example with some numbers so that you can visually see how it works:

Let’s say your property was assessed by the county at the beginning of the year at $100,000. Along with that, the tax assessors have your tax rate at 3%. So that means that you are set to pay about $3000 in taxes at the end of that year.

Well, if you can prove to the county that your property is worth less than that $100,000 (which is basically what a tax protest is) you have a chance to pay less that $3000 that year, which keeps money in your pocket instead of going to those property tax bills you get at the end of the year.

So again, let’s say you allow me to protest the value of your house and get the county to agree that your home is only worth about 90K – then 3% of 90K is $2700.  That comes to $300 in savings on your tax bill at the end of the year. We charge a fee of 40% of that savings, which is $120, but you just saved $180 FOR DOING NOTHING BUT LETTING OPTC REPRESENT YOU!

BUT REMEMBER – If we are not successful in lowering the value of your original appraisal, I still do all the work to represent you and it is at ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU.

What is the methodology used by the county to determine property values?

Your Appraisal District determines your property value by averages based on similar sized properties, location and building attributes. The method used by the Appraisal Districts is called “Mass Appraisal”, which indirectly creates a margin for error and room for inaccurate appraisals.

How will OPTC communicate with me during the protest process?

At the time of signing, we will provide you with a sheet that overviews the protest timeline.

We will also be communicating with you via email or phone with updates, questions we may have, or that you have. Communication is something we value and know is valuable to our customers.

What exemptions are out there for me to help reduce my property taxes?

Using property tax exemptions are very important and simple ways to help reduce property taxes. There are several different property tax exemptions for homeowners to use in the fight against property taxes. There are exemptions for residential homestead, over 65 homestead, disabled homestead, disabled veteran.

Is there a deadline to file my homestead exemption?

When you purchased your house, at the time of closing you should have received a copy of the residential homestead exemption form. You have from January 1st to April 30th to file the form in order for the exemption to be in place for the upcoming tax year. OPTC can help you with the filing of your homestead exemption. If you qualify for the age 65 or older, or disabled persons exemption, or the exemption of donated homesteads, or partially disabled veterans. You must apply by no later than the first anniversary of the date you qualify for the exemption.

If the client asks “Why would I want to lower my property value if I plan to sell my home one day?”

That’s a good question, I come across a lot a people that ask me this, and it’s a common misunderstanding that people have.  So let me explain:

I’ve also been a realtor for almost 10 years and I can definitely tell you that the county’s appraisal value is simply their way of taxing you as much as possible and IS ABSOLUTELY NO INDICATOR OF WHAT YOUR PROPERTY WILL SELL AT.

Ask any realtor, and they will tell you – We sell houses all the time for thousands more than the county appraisal values.  They are two totally different things.

What if the Appraisal District has incorrect information regarding my property?

If there is a change due to a new owner, name change, mailing address change. There is a form that can be downloaded, filled out and mailed back to the Appraisal District. (See Dates & Forms Link)

If there are incorrect details regarding your property such as: incorrect square footage, not inaccurate breakdown of housing. Or issues that your property may be having inside or outside: roofing, foundation, structural damage. Please let us know and we can deliver the information to the Appraisal District at the time of the protest hearing.