Karen J. (Coles Crossing)

I’ve had top notch service and an excellent experience since day one.  I first found out about Ortiz Property Tax Consulting through Michael commenting on the Nextdoor site.  I had been doing my protests on my own and was successful, but there was one year where there was just no way I would have been able to do it on my own.  Y’all have a year to year contract and I thought that I had absolutely nothing to lose by contracting since I only pay if you win.  I did not want to get in with a company like O’Connor or Bettencourt because their fees are too high, their contracts are difficult to get out of, and when I called, they were pushy on the phone.

That year, you were able to get my assessment down $5,000.  People may not think that is much, however I already started with a low assessment and this saved the amount of money it costs for a plane ticket to visit my family up north.  Either last year or the year before — I can’ remember which — OPTC reduced my new assessment by more than $30,000!  This was my fourth year with your company and this year while everyone’s assessments went up, mine successfully went down with the help of your company, even in a booming housing market.  This year I am now assessed lower than last year.  At the moment, I am among the lowest assessment per square foot on my street. It not only helps me now as a homeowner, but will also help me if we ever decide to move, as low property taxes is a major selling feature.  I refer everyone to OPTC when they ask for recommendations, both on social media and verbally.

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