Louanne H. (Barker Lakes)

I originally heard of Ortiz Property Tax consulting thru a mailer. I receive loads of them every year around tax time and typically trash them because the fees are crazy, but this one caught my eye because the rates for his service actually made sense. I would be able to save on my property taxes and pay a fair fee based on my savings, not a high fee like others with no idea if I may save or what I may save.  So last year 2019, I decided to employ OPTC to lower the rates on not only one home but 2! He was very professional and had great communication thru the process. He was able to lower the rate on both homes! I couldn’t be more pleased with this service and the savings.

Mark R. (Jersey Village)

Ortiz Property Tax Consulting shows empathy, knowledge, and professionalism towards their clients and they drive for results. We are incredibly pleased with the level of service given and the results achieved. With our Homestead Exemption, the value is capped at an annual 10% increase. The last two years it’s gone up 10% each year. In 2019, when the appraisal went up 10%, they were able to get it down to a 2% increase. In 2020, the appraisal went up 10% and they were able to get it down to a -1.43% increase. Those are incredible results! Keep up the great work and we look forward to working with Ortiz Property Tax Consulting for many years to come.

Dina S. (Bridgeland)

I moved to Texas in 2014 from the North East and was very unfamiliar with how things worked in Texas with property taxes and claiming homestead.  I panicked when the value of our home vs what HCAD had on file was raised $90,000.  I did a search and found Ortiz Property Tax Consulting had great reviews  So I met with Michael Ortiz and he assured me he would take great care of us and help us get our property taxes lowered.  They handle everything for us every year and make it so easy. We’ve been using them for 7 years now   I highly recommend Ortiz Property Tax Consulting.

Karen J. (Coles Crossing)

I’ve had top notch service and an excellent experience since day one.  I first found out about Ortiz Property Tax Consulting through Michael commenting on the Nextdoor site.  I had been doing my protests on my own and was successful, but there was one year where there was just no way I would have been able to do it on my own.  Y’all have a year to year contract and I thought that I had absolutely nothing to lose by contracting since I only pay if you win.  I did not want to get in with a company like O’Connor or Bettencourt because their fees are too high, their contracts are difficult to get out of, and when I called, they were pushy on the phone.

That year, you were able to get my assessment down $5,000.  People may not think that is much, however I already started with a low assessment and this saved the amount of money it costs for a plane ticket to visit my family up north.  Either last year or the year before — I can’ remember which — OPTC reduced my new assessment by more than $30,000!  This was my fourth year with your company and this year while everyone’s assessments went up, mine successfully went down with the help of your company, even in a booming housing market.  This year I am now assessed lower than last year.  At the moment, I am among the lowest assessment per square foot on my street. It not only helps me now as a homeowner, but will also help me if we ever decide to move, as low property taxes is a major selling feature.  I refer everyone to OPTC when they ask for recommendations, both on social media and verbally.