Louanne H. (Barker Lakes)

I originally heard of Ortiz Property Tax consulting thru a mailer. I receive loads of them every year around tax time and typically trash them because the fees are crazy, but this one caught my eye because the rates for his service actually made sense. I would be able to save on my property taxes and […]

Mark R. (Jersey Village)

Ortiz Property Tax Consulting shows empathy, knowledge, and professionalism towards their clients and they drive for results. We are incredibly pleased with the level of service given and the results achieved. With our Homestead Exemption, the value is capped at an annual 10% increase. The last two years it’s gone up 10% each year. In […]

Dina S. (Bridgeland)

I moved to Texas in 2014 from the North East and was very unfamiliar with how things worked in Texas with property taxes and claiming homestead.  I panicked when the value of our home vs what HCAD had on file was raised $90,000.  I did a search and found Ortiz Property Tax Consulting had great […]

Karen J. (Coles Crossing)

I’ve had top notch service and an excellent experience since day one.  I first found out about Ortiz Property Tax Consulting through Michael commenting on the Nextdoor site.  I had been doing my protests on my own and was successful, but there was one year where there was just no way I would have been […]