You’re probably paying too much in property taxes

Many homeowners are not aware they can protest the county’s assessment value of their property. You could potentially be overpaying hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in property taxes every year!

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Are you paying too much in property taxes? Ask us how we can help!

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Since 2013, Ortiz Property Tax Consulting has helped thousands of homeowners lower their property tax bills.

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We believe in going the extra mile for our clients. OPTC will work hard on your behalf no matter where you are in the protest process.

Protest Timeline

Understand the protest timeline and the necessary steps you must take to successfully file a protest with the appraisal district.

What do you do when you receive your Property Tax Notice each year?

Every year during the 1st quarter, the County Appraisal Districts assesses every property in the district. Then at the end of March, beginning of April, the Appraisal District will mail out notices to property owners providing them of what their property value has been assessed for that year.

At the end of each year, property owners receive tax bills (based on that previously set value) from entities such as their Property Tax Assessor, School District, Municipal Utility District (MUD) and Water Control & Improvement District (WCID).

What many homeowners aren’t aware of is that they have the right to PROTEST the estimated value of their home in order to lower those related tax bills at the end of the year – saving them hundreds—possibly even thousands of dollars yearly! (THIS PROTEST MUST BE FILED BY MAY 15th!)

Filing a Property Tax Protest does take time and effort

Going through the property tax protest process requires many steps. You have to conduct a self-assessment on your property’s value. Then you have to research comparable property values. Afterward, you have to file your protest through the right channels. This includes setting up and taking the time to meet with your appraisal representative or board members. Finally, you have to make sure you’re settling for the right amount of money. THIS PROCESS CAN DEFINITELY BE A BIT OVERWHELMING!

Why go through all the hassle when ORTIZ PROPERTY TAX CONSULTING can REPRESENT YOU! Our firm can take care of all the research and filing steps needed to save you money. YOU DON’T PAY ANY FEES unless we successfully get a reduction on your property taxes! There are no hidden fees, there are no obligations, and you have nothing to lose!

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Louanne H. (Barker Lakes)

I originally heard of Ortiz Property Tax consulting thru a mailer. I receive loads of them every year around tax time and typically trash them because the fees are crazy, but this one caught my eye because the rates for his service actually made sense. I would be able to save on my property taxes and […]

Mark R. (Jersey Village)

Ortiz Property Tax Consulting shows empathy, knowledge, and professionalism towards their clients and they drive for results. We are incredibly pleased with the level of service given and the results achieved. With our Homestead Exemption, the value is capped at an annual 10% increase. The last two years it’s gone up 10% each year. In […]

Dina S. (Bridgeland)

I moved to Texas in 2014 from the North East and was very unfamiliar with how things worked in Texas with property taxes and claiming homestead.  I panicked when the value of our home vs what HCAD had on file was raised $90,000.  I did a search and found Ortiz Property Tax Consulting had great […]